Angie K. – “Ty and I laid in bed tonight and read your book. After finishing the book, we had a fabulous conversation about Christ and how much we love him. Your book is going to have a profound effect on families."

Rachel T. - “Every child should read this book. I wish I had this book as a child.”

Stacey S. - "Great book to both introduce and teach children about Christianity! This book explains key concepts of the Christian faith in a way that is easy to understand. Great tool for Sunday school teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone else wanting to explain Christianity to children."

Catherine S. - "It's Cool To Be A Christian offers a vibrant, creative way to share the foundational truths of the Christian faith with young children. It teaches them how to share the faith with others through a fun relatable, story. This book is an excellent resource to train young believers and evangelize non-believers. Two thumbs up!"

Claudia O. - "This book is excellent on several fronts. The glossy cover, beautiful color illustrations and stories that hold the child's interest along with a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus is a book unlike any other."

Daphne F. - "Jenny, our girls love this book! It gives them confidence about sharing their faith with friends! We love it, thanks for following your heart Jenny!"

Stephanie - "Love this book! Bought it for my children, nieces and nephews! A fun cute story and easy for little ones to understand."

Lisa S. - "This book is awesome! I read it to my grandchildren and they loved it. I'm planning on taking it to church and letting the Sunday school teachers borrow it to read to their classes. God is awesome, and I thank him for books like these and authors that write books like this. I would highly recommend this book!"

Jessica B. - "Such a wonderful book! My kids love it!"

Lori S. - "This is a sweet book for children that is easy to read and has bright illustrations. Bible references are included that go along with the story!"

Kathy C. –  "This book is wonderful and so well written. Every person who reads this will understand the message. The illustrations by Kirk Wilson are beautiful.”

Connie F. – “I lent it to a friend who read it to her grandchildren; all loved it, going to buy it and we're all waiting for the next one!"



Lisa  – “I read it to my granddaughters and they loved it. When it talked about going to church my sweet Kylee said, “Nana we have a church too!!!!” So if anybody wants a good book to read to their kids, I suggest you order one!”

Angela B. – “If you have small children, THIS book is for you!"

Gay K. - "My nephew said he knows what it is to be a Christian now from reading this book and he is 7. He told me word for word what it means to be baptized and how Jesus died on the cross for our sins. This is a perfect book for any child, or a VBS class. It is well written and my nephew loved it!"

Emily B. - "Awesome book! I have a friend using this book for lesson planning in the Sunday School Class she teaches. The message this book sends is really needed in this day and time."

Jessicca F. – “What a beautiful book to learn about our Lord and Savior.”

Lee M. - "Two children at our church decided to get baptized after reading this book!"

Mike B. - "Wonderful book. Every grandparent should buy it for their grandchildren and read it as well!!!"

Angie - "This is a great book for families. I read it with my 9 year old and found it to be a great introduction to conversations. You won't be dissatisfied."

Pamela - "Great book! Definitely would refer this book to family and friends."

Dafney F. -  "Love this book. Read it to my grandsons all the time."

Terri B. - "Easy to read and share with your children."

Peggie H. – “This is such a sweet book, written simply for young children to be able to understand it. I love the illustrations, also, and cannot wait to read it to our 5 year old grandson and have our 11 year old grandson read it himself. I highly recommend this book for your children."

Wendy H. – “Great message!”